Torii Hunter wants a long-term contract, at least 5 years. That would put him at 37 when it’s done. He’d take a monetary discount (roughly from $15 million to $12 million per year) to play more years. It’s a tough decision and a hot topic when it gets close to the deadline.


Also, Terry Ryan said he will try to pursue Rockies’ 3B Garrett Atkins in the offseason. Pursue probably means he’ll call and they’ll want a Garza/Slowey/Perkins/Baker and TR will hang up the phone.


AAA catcher Jose Morales was called up yesterday. He is the 40th man on the 40-man roster. The hope is that he can play on a daily basis and give Joe Mauer and Mike Redmond some much-needed rest, and hopefully he can produce a little bit, unlike Chris Heintz.


Carlos Silva, another free agent at the end of this year, will start tonight against the Chicago White Sox. The game is scheduled to start at 7:11 PM.