Honestly. In all the typing for Monday’s post, my mind actually blanked and I neglected to include the departure of long-time CF Torii Hunter to the list of moves. He left right before Thanksgiving, although he said he wanted to just spend the holiday with his family in peace and quiet. According to his agent, the Angels swept in unsuspectingly with a 5-year, $90 million deal. In essence, the Angels paid for Torii’s career year last year. He’s already shown signs of aging, and little nagging injuries that he’s previously been able to play through will catch up to him before you know it. The Angels already had a very capable Reggie Willits to play center. Willits had a .391 OBP last season while stealing 27 bases in 136 games. Many thought there might be a trade in the works for the Angels to acquire Johan Santana as well, but rumors have involved, for the most part, the Red Sox and Yankees. I was at Torii’s last home game as a Twin and everyone cheered for him, including me. It’s unfortunate that, as of right now, there’s no clear replacement for him in center. In that sense, I’ll miss him because there’s now a huge hole for Bill Smith to fill. In the sense that he’s being paid $18/year, I will definitely not miss him.


Oh yeah, the Angels play at the Dome to start the season. That will be interesting.


According to rotoworld.com, the Seattle Mariners are in “serious negotiations” with pitcher Carlos Silva. The contract would be worth a reported $44 million over 4 years. That’s right, there’s a good chance Mr. 55 wins, 46 losses, and 4.31 ERA for his career numbers will make roughly $11 million per year. He won’t stick around this ballclub with that kind of a contract, unless he could somehow consistently produce numbers like he had in 2005: 9 walks and a 3.44 ERA in 188 1/3 innings pitched.


That brings up a question for Bill Smith, though. If teams are paying Carlos Silva, of all people, $11 million a year, what does that say about paying Johan Santana between $20-22 million a year? You can’t tell me that Santana is only slightly more than twice the pitcher Silva is.