1. CF – ??? (Melky Cabrera or Jacoby Ellsbury, in a Johan Santana trade)

2. C – Joe Mauer

3. LF – Delmon Young

4. 1B – Justin Morneau

5. RF – Michael Cuddyer

6. DH – Jason Kubel/Craig Monroe

7. 3B – Mike Lamb

8. 2B – Brendan Harris

9. SS – Adam Everett



The official Twins Depth Chart lists Monroe in CF with Kubel being the main DH, but it’s highly unlikely Monroe will play center next year.

Although, I guess I shouldn’t say that because if Jason Pridie and Denard Span aren’t ready, the organization feels more comfortable with Monroe in center than Delmon, so it’s at least plausible that Monroe will see playing time in center.


It’s also unlikely for Mauer to bat in the 2 hole, but Harris isn’t a top-of-the-order guy so I don’t really see anyone else suited for that spot.


The 3 and 4 spots could be debated heavily. It really is a toss up: Young could bat 4th and Morneau could bat 3rd, or vice versa like I have listed. Morneau has a higher average and on base percentage, so if Ron Gardenhire wants to flow with traditional baseball logic he’d bat Morneau 3rd, but I don’t know how often Gardy does that.


Cuddy had a “sophomore slump” year last year (even though he’s played in over 100 games a season, at the ML level, 4 times in his career, it was his second season of being a full-time starter) but didn’t do incredibly bad. If Kubel starts off hot like he ended last year it might not take long before they get switched.


Unfortunately for me, a huge Kubel supporter, it’s entirely within Gardenhire’s realm of tricks to give Monroe more at bats than Kubel at the DH position. I could argue for hours (not literally, but you get my point) as to why I think Kubel should start every game in LF or at DH, but history under our current manager shows that he favors playing veterans that are on the downhill slide over youngsters with potential.



Yesterday it was announced officially that Carlos Silva has signed with the Seattle Mariners. However, it wasn’t for the reported $44 million, but rather $48 million, averaging out to $12 mil/year. Again, that begs the question: if Silva is getting $12 mil on the open market, Johan Santana at around $20-22 mil a year is theft.