Mike Cameron:

Cameron would not be a very good acquisition for the team. He’s 34, had his (statistically) second-worst season ever last year for the Padres, and would definitely not be a long-term option. He’d probably want somewhere between $5-6 million per year, something this team isn’t really capable of shelling out.



Kenny Lofton:

Before you think I’m crazy, let me say that he’d be adequate defensively, he can still steal 20+ bases while maintaining an OBP (on-base percentage) of .360+ (which would’ve put him second on the team last year, trailing only Joe Mauer), and could be signed for less than $3 million. Like Cameron, Lofton would certainly be a one-year stopgap. He’s already 40 years old and has played for 8 different teams at the ML level. Unfortunately, according to rotoworld.com, the Brewers seem to be the team in front to sign him and nothing has been reported about any interest coming from the Twins.



Corey Patterson:

Patterson really isn’t a good option for the team right now. He’s never hit .300, never had an OBP above .330, and averages 3 times more strikeouts than walks in his career. He’s the youngest free-agent CF and could steal 30+ bases, but his offensive numbers are not something that would help the team.



Jason Lane:

Lane also is a really bad option. He’s 31 years old, but on the plus side made just a shade over $1 million last season so he would definitely be low-cost. His best year was in 2005 when he hit 26 HR with 34 doubles in 145 games for the Astros. He also drove in 78 that year, but only scored 65 runs and had a batting average, OBP, and OPS below league average.



(through trade) Melky Cabrera:

Cabrera is an option if Johan Santana is traded to the Yankees. Cabrera is just 23 but has 2 full seasons at the ML level under his belt. Melky drove in 73 runs last year, but that was in a very stacked Yankees lineup. He can steal bases and will have an almost equal walk/strikeout rate. Plus he’s a switch-hitter and will make minimal money the next couple years.



(through trade) Coco Crisp:

If we trade Santana to Boston, one name being thrown around in a package centered around pitcher Jon Lester is CF Coco Crisp. I just don’t like Crisp at all. He’s 28, will make a shade more than $5 million each of the next two seasons, and has a habit of making routine defensive plays look spectacular (meaning he didn’t get a good jump on the ball or isn’t fast enough to get under it in time, either way it’s not right). Coco can also steal bases, but missed playing time in 2006 due to injury. In 2004-2005 he had a combined 31 homers, but in 2006-2007 hit only 14 total longballs. His switch-hitting ability is attractive, but the fact that his name is actually Coco Crisp him a bad option.



(through trade) Jacoby Ellsbury:

Ellsbury is definitely the best option, but it would take getting rid of the best pitcher in baseball to get him here. With great minor league numbers (.389 OBP with 105 steals and a 1.14 K/BB ratio in 250 games) and a very good postseason in the Majors last year (.438 average with 4 runs scored and 3 RBI in the 4-game World Series sweep), he has become quite the fan favorite over in Beantown. Add in his young age (24), salary (minimum wage until 2011, at which point he’s arbitration eligible), and offensive spark at the top of any lineup and you can see why the Twins would want him as a replacement for Torii Hunter. The way trade talks with Boston are going, though, it appears that we would be able to get a package revolving around pitcher Jon Lester or a package with the anchor of Ellsbury; not both.