Francisco Liriano‘s status still remains uncertain. He could start the year as a reliever or starter, according to Charley Walters. We’ve pretty much known since his surgery that Spring Training would determine his role on the team to start the year. I’ve always had the crazy idea of trading Joe Nathan for a starting CF (and the market is there; he’s being payed peanuts this year compared to closers of lesser quality) and have Liriano take the closer’s role for this season. It’d help him not pitch too much in his first year back, it would allow Pat Neshek to be groomed one more year to take over in 2009, and I personally feel Liriano would be absolutely dominant in that role. The chances of that happening are slim-to-none though, as it’s obvious Liriano would benefit the team, in the long run, much more as a starter than as long reliever/closer.

Friday look for a post highlighting some non-moves that the Twins haven’t made but very well could’ve to improve the team. Monday I plan on trying to explain how the game has changed so much, compared to the 1960’s era and such.