Sounds like a law office, doesn’t it? I said I’d tell you about moves the Twins haven’t made that could’ve probably improved the team. Mark Prior, pitcher, and Dallas McPherson, third baseman, are two of those moves.


Prior signed on December 26th with the San Diego Padres, for a whopping $1 million. It’s just a 1-year deal, as Prior claims he wants to go back on the market next offseason, with hopes he’ll exceed expectations this year. He also has these incentives: “…can make another $1 million for being on the 25-man roster throughout the ’08 season, and another $2.25 million for making 30 starts.”1 The Twins could’ve certainly spent that on him, as the chances of him making 30 starts are not that great, considering his injury history. Worst-case scenario, the team is out a lousy $1 million. To owner Carl Pohlad, though, that’s probably to much to “lose”.

McPherson is another interesting case. First off, technically the Twins could still acquire him. However, per, the Giants and the Marlins are the only teams that seem truly interested. Obviously the move would’ve made more sense before the signing of Mike Lamb, but I’d be willing to bet it would take just a contract similar to Prior’s to sign McPherson, who has never played more than 61 games in a ML season. In 6 career minor league seasons he’s hit .301/.385/.578/.963.


With the departure of Carlos Silva, our resident “buffet dominator” Boof Bonser has been working out like crazy this offseason, and team sources say he’s lost between 20-25 pounds, the same amount he supposedly gained between 2006-2007. Basically pitching coach Rick Anderson said the reason Boof struggled last season was because of a). his inability to last 6 or 7 good innings, and b). lack of command for his fastball, both of which can be caused by heaviness. I’m sure Boof knows that with Silva and Matt Garza both leaving the rotation, he’s pretty much guaranteed the #3 or #4 starter’s spot (depending on which Scott Baker shows up this year).


And finally, in AL Central trade news, the White Sox traded two of their best pitching prospects, Gio Gonzalez and Fautino De Los Santos, along with OF Ryan Sweeney, to the Athletics for OF/1B Nick Swisher. Swisher, a free-swinging switch-hitter, had a “down” year last year. He hit 22 homers and had 78 RBI, along with 100 walks to give him a .381 OBP. In 2006 he had 35 HR and 95 RBI with an .864 OPS. He’s under contract through 2011, so that part is good, but Chicago’s farm system is down to nothing at this point. They must want to keep up with the Tigers and their trades as well as the Indians and their young talent developing. But, they are trying to keep up now and not in the future. Have a good weekend everyone.