Don’t get too excited; they signed Zach Day, formerly of the Rockies, and Randy Keisler, formerly of the Cardinals. Both are minor league deals, which really isn’t that bad for the team. Day has an outside chance of impressing a lot of people in Spring Training and making the team as a long reliever, or even possibly 5th starter, but his best chance is starting in AAA. Some people were upset at the signings. I’m not sure they understand that AAA Rochester needs a roster too!

The Padres signed CF Mike Cameron for around $7 million, taking one more off the list of potential replacements in center. Not that he was a great choice to begin with, but a choice nonetheless. I’m wondering what the chances are for the team to sign Jason Tyner back. He’d be capable defensively, and hit around .300 offensively (although not much more) and would definitely be a low-cost option. To my knowledge he still hasn’t been signed by anybody.

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