New York GM Hank Steinbrenner is really a flip flopper. First they set a deadline to trade for Johan Santana, which was not met. He claimed they were no longer going to trade for him, yet reports surfaced later that week saying the team had upped their offer. Now, Hank says the team’s final offer was on the table and the Twins didn’t take it, thus making them not apart of trade talks anymore. However, Hank then says that he never withdrew his offer because “There wasn’t an official offer anyway. You can’t withdraw something that wasn’t there”. It’s really hit or miss with this guy. He really makes his dad look a lot smarter, too.

Frankly I’m glad with how Billy Smith (BS?) has handled things so far. He really hasn’t been talking to the media as much as Hank or the Red Sox brass, and hasn’t been bullied around by more experienced GMs.

Other than that, there’s a lack of news, and not just with the Twins but with all of baseball. The Mitchell Report was really huge, and the aftershock was talked about, but that’s mostly died down, and trading and signing has been minimal lately.