Another gem from Ron Gardenhire. Delmon Young in right, Jason Kubel in left, and…Michael Cuddyer in center is a possibility. Not worrying about how the team jerked Cuddy between third base, second base, and the outfield when he was still trying to grow into an everyday player, and the fact that he’s specifically stated he likes it in right and does not want to move away, Gardy thinks this option is better than…oh, I don’t know, Cuddy in right, Delmon in left, and that CF we got in a trade who has been touted as being above-average defensively at ALL THREE outfield spots, Jason Pridie. Or signing CF Jason Tyner, who’s currently looking for a job in Japan of all places, to a tiny contract for 1 year with maybe an option for another.


But I don’t know which is worse. That idea, or this comment from Ron: “We’ve got Nick Punto as an option, too, and I like the heck out of him…He had a little bit of trouble offensively last year, but don’t forget what he did the year before.”

Uh, yeah, a .210 batting average in 472 at-bats. Just a little trouble there. And also, Gardy, “what he did the year before” would be considered a career year. See Hunter, Torii circa 2007.



Cuddyer, along with Matt Guerrier, are the two players on the team still up for arbitration. Cuddy is asking for $6.2 million while the team is offering $4.7 million (a much more reasonable contract). Considering he got about a $2 million raise for his 24 homer, 109 RBI performance in ’06, a nearly $3 million raise for 16 HR and 81 RBI seems ridiculous. The difference with Guerrier is much less; he’s asking for $1.15 mil while the Twins are offering $750,000.


If you don’t already read Aaron Gleeman’s blog on a daily basis, he answered some questions in today’s portion. Check it out, some of them are pretty wacky. That’s part 1, random questions. I’m a big fan of his usually weekly “Link-O-Rama” section, moreso than I am of his actual baseball posts. And I’m not really sure why.



If you’re a fan of football, yesterday was probably a lot of fun for you. The Patriots squeaked away from the Chargers (I felt San Diego held in there a lot longer than they should’ve) and the Giants upset my (sorry, Vikes) Green Bay Packers. Brett Favre threw an overtime interception that led to a game-winning, 47-yard field goal. It was an exciting game and as sad as it is to say, I think the Giants have a chance at beating the Pats. They only lost by 3 in week 17 when they faced off in New York. But the Giants have won 10 straight road games, and playing in Arizona would probably qualify as that.

If you’ve seen the movie I Am Legend starring Will Smith, you may remember the scene this picture is from. It’s right in the beginning when he’s watching TV: look closely at the bottom and see if you can read what it says.



“Giants lose to Patriots for second time this season, 23 to 7”

As I said, the Giants lost 38-35 to New England in week this a sign of things to come?