Today’s the day everything gets settled. Either Johan Santana becomes a NY Met or he comes back to Minnesota, possibly to boos or possibly to cheers. According to, the lefty pitcher is looking to get around $170 million. The team and him are supposedly $20 million apart, but I agree with what a lot of other news sources are saying: the Mets would be unwise to agree to trade the quality of prospects that they did for Santana (what some would call “ripping us off”) only to not agree to terms on a contract. I’m sure a lot of Twins fans would be happy, but I’m not sure how Johan would feel about that. After all, he’s the one who told the club that he would not waive his no-trade clause if nothing happened by Tuesday. Still, it’d be exciting at the very least to watch him and Francisco Liriano go back-to-back for one more season.


One of those crazy theories people get is to sign Barry Bonds, play Delmon Young in center, and let Craig Monroe walk after Spring Training, saving around $3 million on his contract. Jason Kubel and Bonds would switch time between LF and DH. This would especially work if Santana does go to the Mets; the team’s payroll would be hovering around $50 million at that point. Even if Santana comes back, there’d still be between $10-15 million of unused payroll available. It’d only be for one year, and you know he’d get on base. Any thoughts on it?


4 PM central time, if not before, is when a final announcement will be made. Are you ready?



I just made that really awkward. Apologies.