So the official team depth chart has been updated, adding players such as Carlos Gomez, Jason Pridie, and Craig Monroe to the list. According to that, and I really have no clue if it’s safe to judge it or not, Gomez will start in CF with Pridie being on the squad as his backup. Jason Kubel will start at DH with Monroe being second in line for that, along with being the backup’s backup in both left and right. The rotation has Scott Baker as our “ace” with Francisco Liriano pitching 3rd and Nick Blackburn in the 5th spot. Noticeable changes in the bullpen including Carmen Cali and Julio DePaula.


The names are probably familiar, but I say changes in bullpen because Cali, although only pitching 21 innings, walked more than he struck out and had a 4.71 ERA. If Glen Perkins becomes a solid reliever (lefty), and Dennys Reyes doesn’t have a meltdown, there should be no need for a third lefty reliever in Cali. And DePaula, well…Julio is a lot worse than Cali. He managed to pitch in 16 games last season, even though he gave up 19 earned runs in 20 IP. He walked 10, struck out 8, and had an ERA of 8.55. He definitely has people to impress during Spring Training.


For reasons like that, I have a feeling this depth chart is far from set in stone, and will shift daily (if the Twins’ web guys feel like doing the work every day) during Spring Training.


No matter how much free time you have, make some to read this Star Tribune article on Delmon Young (currently slated to start in left field, by the way). It’s quite lengthy but a very, very good read, looking deeper into the life of a young man trying to get over his past. I believe it when Delmon says that he’s grown up a lot in the past couple years, and his bat-flinging incident was just an outburst that won’t happen again. Remember, he’s just 22 and was under the legal drinking age here in Minnesota when he threw his bat at an umpire, who happened to be filling in for an on-strike umpire and apparently didn’t have a great idea of the strike zone, according to Young.



Yesterday was the NFL Pro Bowl and the NFC (home of the Packers and Vikings) beat the AFC (home of the 18-1 Patriots) by a score of 42-30. Rookie sensation Adrian Peterson took home MVP honors, rushing for 129 yards and 2 TDs on just 16 carries. Just another piece of hardware in his blooming trophy case.