Some more news for all of you:


  • Add Dennys Reyes and Alexi Casilla to the “I’ll-be-late-for-camp” list (already graced with Francisco Liriano‘s name). Reyes’ passport will expire in May but apparently had 4 months to get his paperwork done. GM Bill Smith called him “careless”. Casilla, on the other hand, had a family emergency that caused him to miss his scheduled visa appointment.
  • The Twins and closer Joe Nathan are still discussing a contract extension. Manager Ron Gardenhire sure is confident about something getting done. I’m still indifferent on this one. It’s like, wouldn’t you rather spend a boatload of money on a guy who will either a). play for you every day or b). face upwards of 20 batters every 5 days, instead of on a guy who will pitch 80 innings if he’s lucky? Not to mention it seems like the organization’s policy has generally been to play youngsters making close to league minimum in favor of over-payed stars (Casilla over Luis Castillo, anybody over Eric Milton, etc.). Thus, it would seem logical to trade Nathan at the deadline for prospects (it’d be plausible to get more for him than they did for Johan Santana) or even an impact player or two and try and convert one of their 462 starting pitchers currently in the system to a closer (I made that number up but you get my point).
  • 3B Tommy Watkins is learning how to catch, trying to improve his chances of staying with the ML club. With Chris Heintz no longer around, you know Gardy would love a third catcher, in case the “using a catcher at their position as well as DH and one of them gets hurt” debacle ever occurs.
  • I can gather two things from this article: new pitcher Livan Hernandez is overweight and should start hanging out with Boof Bonser immediately, and Gardenhire thinks he’s a comedian by telling Livan (in reference to his earrings) “We don’t wear bling-blings out on the field.” Gardy admits that he and other coaches will have to “mold” Livan into “our kind of guy”.
  • Maybe you’ve heard that the Twins are planning on honoring former Twin Torii Hunter on Opening Day in the Dome. My only question is, why? He played with us for 10 years, found a great offer and left. Opening Day starts the official season of record, I’m not sure if the Twins’ brass is aware of that. I don’t believe you should “honor” a former player who is now on the opposing team, i.e. the enemy. Maybe when he retires, retire his number or do a nice little ceremony, sure. But not at the start of the season
  • Something humorous from the same article the previous bullet came from: “One person who has a vested interest in this year’s U.S. presidential election is ex-Twins pitcher Johan Santana, who could be taxed an additional $6 million if the Democrats win and repeal the Tax Reduction Act.” With his new $150 million contract, I have a feeling that $6 mil. is chump change.