Well I was watching the Golden Gophers basketball team beat Michigan 69-60 last night so I don’t have a ton of stuff for you guys today. So I’ll leave you with a few links to different articles you can read about how Spring Training is going.


  • Only 3 players have yet to arrive and they are the three with passport problems: Dennys Reyes, Francisco Liriano, and Alexi Casilla. Reyes actually made it to Florida yesterday and the other two hope to be in camp by the end of the weekend.
  • Jason Kubel doesn’t care where he plays, he just wants to play. Judging by his monster months of August and September last year, I have to agree.
  • I can never get the link to work on my computer, but Phil Miller is doing a blog about Spring Training for the Pioneer Press. He updates it a few times a day with various information and news about any player that’s there. Check it out.
  • Again, Delmon Young claims his bad boy days are in the past. At this point, there’s no reason to not believe the kid.
  • Denard Span said a few ridiculous things in this article about “issuing a challenge” to Carlos Gomez and Jason Pridie. One thing that isn’t ridiculous is that he thinks the ML job is his and will work hard and fight for it. Not that I agree, I think it’s probably Pridie’s at this point, but if Span is willing to fight for it, then it’s a good sign.
  • Star Tribune writer La Valle E. Neal wrote a lengthy piece on Joe Mauer and how he thinks he’s finally 100% healthy, claiming that last year he came to ST and was already gassed.
  • I believe tomorrow is the first official full-squad workout for the team, so I’m sure there will be lots of random, mostly unimportant news that comes out over the weekend. Have a good one everybody.