Remember when, in my first offseason of blogging, I tried to keep up with the Minnesota Wild? It got boring, because frankly I’m not much of a hockey guy, but the Wild are doing pretty good this year. Currently they are 37-24 and lead their division.


And if you read my Golden Gophers post from Friday, you’d see that I’m currently 3-for-3 in my predictions. Biggest test of the year is facing Indiana away on March 5th.


Rumor has it Carlos Gomez‘s arm is for real. People watching one of the team’s games against the Red Sox said his throws were on a rope and even though they had heard great things about his defensive play in center, they were still surprised when they saw him live.


Wednesday’s Spring Training game against the Yankees will actually be televised. Too bad it starts at 12:15 central time.


Francisco Liriano had a 10-minute bullpen session that went flawlessly. Coaches Ron Gardenhire and Rick Anderson are both pleased with the progress he’s made. The next big step is him getting into a real game, which could get happen as early as Thursday or Friday.