There’s a story about Livan Hernandez, and coach Gardenhire thinks he could start opening day. That would be the worst move possible, for numerous reasons. The fact that he can’t throw over 90 MPH would be one, the second most important is that he isn’t the best option (at starting pitcher) for us to win.


Pat Neshek changed his work regimen this offseason. Now a vegan, he claims he will stick to his workouts; the reason he faltered at the end of last season. It seems like he really wants to work hard during the season so his weight won’t fluctuate, among other things.


Randy Ruiz, DH. Ever heard of him? I have, but only because of Spring Training. He’s the team’s best hitter so far, with 7 RBI and a .450 batting average. But I’m not one to put a lot of stock into ST stats. It’s highly unlikely he will make the club.