I think I found out why Livan Hernandez is being told he will probably start Opening Day for the team. Scott Baker has a sore back, and didn’t make his scheduled start today. It’s a precaution for sure, but he should be good to go at the start of the year. Expect him to start the second game of the season, if Livan does indeed start Opening Day.


Kyle Lohse, one of the most sought-after free agent pitchers this offseason, signed with the Cardinals yesterday for $4.25 million. Already missing a couple weeks of Spring Training, he’s behind in game situations but chances are he’s been working out like normal. It’s an unlikely scenario when teams actually want to sign Lohse, and Carlos Silva for nearly $50 million.


Famed Twins blogger Aaron Gleeman wrote an article over at RotoWorld that discusses who he thinks are AL hitting sleepers for the upcoming fantasy season. He thinks Jason Kubel will keep his knees healthy by DHing almost full time this year, and says it isn’t out of the question for Mike Lamb to hit 15-18 homers with a solid batting average. If you’ve read my blog before you have probably seen me praise Kubel. He had the worst knee injury anybody can suffer, and it took him nearly 3 years to fully recover. If his numbers in the second half of last year don’t impress you (.303 batting average, .379 OBP and .511 slugging) then those numbers projected out to a full season surely should. It isn’t out of the question for him to have a batting average higher than .300, along with 20+ homers and 80+ RBI. Gleeman also mentions Carlos Gomez, as our potential CF, and as a deep sleeper, he thinks Alexi Casilla is worth picking up in later rounds.


Speaking of Gomez, recently coach G thinks that Jason Pridie is basically out of contention for the CF spot. All 3 are doing fairly poorly in Spring Training, but Pridie seems to be the most ML-ready, going off of AAA stats. It kind of shocks me that Gardy would rule out Pridie so early, but coaches must have seen something they liked in Gomez and/or Denard Span.