While Boof Bonser technically had a quality start, allowing 3 earned runs in 6 innings, he gave up 8 hits, an unearned run, and a home run and our bullpen faltered in its first major use of the year. Brian Bass pitched for the first time in his Major League career and gave up 3 hits (including a homer) in 1 and 1/3 innings for 2 unearned runs, 1 earned.


The team hit into 2 double plays, pitchers threw 2 wild pitches, and Adam Everett and Brendan Harris both had throwing errors. Although Everett drove in the team’s only run with 2 outs in the 5th inning.


Carlos Gomez only reached base once, I believe it was in the 8th, on a single to left. Joe Mauer promptly hit into a double play and that was that. Justin Morneau is still looking for his first hit of the year and Mike Lamb left 5 guys on base en route to going 0-for-4 on the night.


The bats just couldn’t get going against Jon Garland, who threw 96 pitches in 8 innings, allowing 6 hits, 1 run, 1 walk, and 0 strikeouts.


Basically the Angels were just hitting the ball hard when Boof was in there. Although from where I sat it was difficult to judge where the ball was going, we’d typically find that it fell somewhere between Gomez and Michael Cuddyer. One time the ball bounced off the baggie with both of them right there and Gomez kind of reached above Cuddyer to snag the ball and throw it back in. It looked like Cuddyer was upset but nothing else happened to make it worse.


Juan Rincon, in the process of needing 27 pitches to get out of 1 inning, plunked Torii Hunter in the arm/elbow area in the 9th inning. Hunter trotted on to first base but looked a little mad, to say the least. Add in some glares towards the mound and I’m wondering if maybe Juan doesn’t like Torii too much. Then again they could be best friends and the pitch got away from him, it could be either one for all I know.


Nick Blackburn pitches tonight, making his first ever Major League start. He appeared in 6 games last season, giving up 10 earned runs in 11 and 2/3 innings pitched. Hopefully Bass didn’t share his jitters with Blackburn or it might be another long game.


I should have a few pictures up on the blog tomorrow.


I made a couple changes to those 3 boxes on the right-hand sidebar. After seeing Nick Punto indeed came in at third, I changed his number, but for Gomez’s box I am switching it up. The first number is his total number of bunt hits and stolen bases with the second number being games played. I added GP to Everett’s box, too. It makes it easier for me to keep track and it’s probably better for you all when you’re reading them. I might add GP to Punto’s later, I’m not quite sure at this point.


I found an interesting blog post from Stick & Ball Guy yesterday. Between amateur detective work and a curious mind, he came to the conclusion that Land O’ Lakes might be in the lead for naming rights to the new stadium. Why? Well, take a look. Thoughts on the stadium name? What would you like to see it be called? It figures to be a local company so most are thinking Best Buy, 3M, or possibly even Grain Belt. I don’t really care, all I know is that if last night’s game was played in the new stadium I definitely would not have gone. But that’s just me, I know a lot of you can’t wait for outdoor baseball in Minnesota.