Boof Bonser made his second quality start in as many games, but also got his second loss of the season yesterday. He allowed 4 doubles and 4 singles in 7 innings but only 3 runners scored. He walked none and struck out 3. It’s an encouraging sign to see him pitch 7 full innings though.

It was not fun, however, to watch the offense that was supposed to surprise the world struggle again. They managed 8 hits, including 3 extra base hits, but none in succession. Carlos Gomez foolishly ran for second when he hit it pretty much straight at the RF and was thrown out easily. Joe Mauer got a hit after that, so who knows what might’ve happened. Brendan Harris and Matt Tolbert each got doubles, but nothing would come of them. Justin Morneau hit his second homer in as many games for the team’s only run. He’s now batting .208!


Denard Span was hitless in his debut, although he got on base with a walk. He also didn’t make any mistakes playing RF in place of Michael Cuddyer, so overall it was a good day for him.


Delmon Young got his second assist of the year when he gunned down stud 3B Alex Gordon at second base. Truthfully, between Young, Gomez, and Cuddy, it’s only a matter of time before players don’t try and stretch singles into doubles, doubles into triples, scoring from second on a single etc. with those arms out there. Sure maybe a few will make it, but don’t be surprised if they all end up with 10 or more assists this year (Gomez has 1 and Cuddy has 0 so far).


Jesse Crain and Dennys Reyes had 2 good innings of relief. Crain did allow a hit, but it took Denny just 9 pitches to get 3 outs (fly out, strike out, and a pick off of the runner that Crain put on base).


Special note about the team’s starting pitchers: they’ve allowed just 1 walk so far this season, yet have made 2 balks. How’s that for a crazy statistic?


After going 3-4 on their opening homestand, the Twins travel to the Windy City to face the White Sox today. Game starts at 3:05 with Nick Blackburn making his second career ML start. It should make for an exciting game. 


Johan Santana got his first loss of the season yesterday, giving up just 1 run through 7 innings. 4 doubles, 3 singles, no homers, 3 strikeouts. He was also 1-2 at the plate with a double of his own. Maybe all that money wasn’t worth it? I mean, the Twins can score 1 run in 9 innings too!