First I want to say that I had something typed up and set to post yesterday but I must’ve forgotten to hit the ever-important “Publish” button and nobody saw it. Needless to say, I’ll make sure it gets up with the Twins’ next off day. Now, to last night’s game.


Most of you know how big of a Jason Kubel fan I am. I’m not going to rant on it, but rather say that he came up pretty big last night. The Twins were up 7-3 and the bases were loaded (after a Delmon Young walk) for Kubel. He killed the first pitch he saw, sending it ~400 feet for his third career Grand Slam. There were two outs, too, making it even more important that he didn’t make the third one. That was after he had driven in two on a sacrifice fly and RBI single, giving him a line of 2-4 with 6 RBI and 1 run scored.


Adam Everett was the only Twin to go hitless, although Carlos Gomez was close with just 1 hit in 5 at-bats. When the Twins kept singling in runs, I was begging for somebody to clear the bases. Gomez hit a bloop double that scored two, his first two RBI as a Twin, and I would’ve been content with that but later on Kubel really did clear the bases. Gomez also had his first caught stealing, and although I didn’t get to personally see it, the boxscore says he got picked off and then caught stealing, so I’m guessing he had too big of a lead, the ball was thrown to first even though he took off for second, and they threw him out there.


Mike Lamb, after collecting a double and 2 RBI, fouled a pitch off his foot in the ninth inning and had to leave the game. It was a scary moment, but x-rays show that it’s just a bruised foot and he’s day-to-day. Nick Punto will probably play third with Matt Tolbert being the super utility guy. Justin Morneau also left the game with flu-like symptoms (taken from that same link) and Kubel’s also reported feeling sick. It’s possible for Mike Redmond to get some playing time if Morneau/Kubel don’t play, with Craig Monroe playing in right or at first and leaving the DH spot open. It’s funny though, after Lamb fouled the pitch and had to leave, Punto came in to finish his at-bat and struck out; but it was credited to Lamb. That’s something you don’t see every day.


Brendan Harris, although committing two errors in succeeding plays, was 3-4 at the plate with 3 runs scored. He didn’t drive anyone in, but also drew a walk and hit his 4th double of the season. I think at least one of his errors was a freak thing because he fielded it cleanly and threw a catchable ball to pitcher Brian Bass, who was covering first base because the ball was hit to Morneau but caromed off his glove towards Harris. Harris’ thrown ball bounced off Bass’ glove, allowing the runner to reach.


Speaking of Bass, it seemed like his numbers were poor because a couple runners reached right away, but they were counted as errors so he gave up 3 hits in 4 innings, but only 1 earned run. He didn’t strike anybody out but he didn’t walk anybody either, and also picked up a save – now that is something you don’t see, a save in a 12-5 ballgame. He started pitching when the score was 7-3, but the tying run was on-deck and I believe that enables it to be a save situation.


Enough of relief pitching, how about starting pitcher Scott Baker? He gave up 3 runs in 5 innings, all from solo homers, and just 2 hits on top of those. He walked 1 and struck out 7 but most importantly, picked up his second win of the season. This Sunday’s game will prove to be challenging for the staff. Currently the starter is scheduled to be Kevin Slowey, but he’s hurt so it won’t happen. Francisco Liriano has been unimpressive in his rehab stint at AAA. Glen Perkins isn’t ready, so does Bass get the start? It’s possible but frankly it’s all speculation at this point.


Livan Hernandez tries for his third win of the year in tonight’s 7:11 game.