This was supposed to go up the other day but like I said, I forgot the most vital part of blogging, so here it is. Last night’s game was rained out and will be played later in the season. The team will play Kansas City tonight but the game isn’t being televised.


By segment I mean, a series of posts that all pertain to one another. Many bloggers do prospect rankings, player projections, etc. The point is, they don’t do them all at one time; instead, they post maybe one per week or something like that. Well, I came up with an idea for a series here on Twins, Not Twinkies. It will be the first one I’ve ever done so I’m both nervous and excited. This isn’t the first installment, instead I’m just going to explain what I’m doing and how it’ll work.


My plan is to outline all the current position players on the team and come up with a best-fit spot in the lineup, according to their history batting in that spot. There are a couple items I need to address though. To qualify for a spot, the player has to have a decent number of ABs there. For instance, Jason Kubel has had 1 AB in the 4th spot, and got a hit, technically being perfect from there. But it’s not at all realistic to expect that to happen every time he hits there, so I just make him ineligible for the 4th spot.


Beyond that, there’s going to be a countdown of sorts. I will highlight every spot in the order (that the player is eligible for, at least) in descending order. What I mean is, the first post for that player will recap the spot in the lineup he’d be the worst in. If a player has 30 ABs there and only 2 hits, chances are he shouldn’t bat there. And I will keep doing this until that particular player only has 2 spots in the lineup that I haven’t covered; this way it leaves some room for guesses.


Guesses you say? Yeah, after every player has 2 spots open, I plan to unveil the entire lineup, top-to-bottom, essentially not discussing the 2nd-best option for that player. Make sense? Hopefully. It will be easy for some guys (cough, Carlos Gomez) and a bit tougher for others (without looking at any stats, I can almost guarantee Joe Mauer will come down to the 2nd and 3rd spots), which makes it fun, I think.


Any thoughts? Dumb idea, could be good, etc. etc.? Even if you want something clarified, please ask and I’ll do my best to make sure everybody understands. I haven’t had many comments lately, which isn’t necessarily bad because the views have been consistent, but it’s always nice to get feedback from readers (positive or negative).