It was a fitting game for the Twins’ first extra innings of the season and their first walk-off win of the year, too. After Carlos Gomez made a pretty sweet catch in the bottom of the 9th to help preserve the tie, Justin Morneau came up with runners on the corners and hit the ball into right field, allowing Brendan Harris to score his second (and the winning) run. Between those two and Jason Kubel hitting between them, they won the game. Harris had his first homer of the year and collected 3 hits. Kubel had 2 hits and a walk, the walk coming in the 8th with 2 outs, giving Morneau a chance to grab a lead (he struck out) and one of the hits was a single in the 10th to advance Harris over to third.


Brian Buscher, called up when Adam Everett hit the DL, had a double in 4 at-bats and didn’t make any mistakes at third base. With Morneau being the DH, Mike Lamb tried out at first base and did a good job. Buscher also got some work in when Craig Monroe pinch-hit for Lamb.


After Nick Blackburn got his first ML win, Scott Baker pitched a very good game but the offense was dead to that point and didn’t get his third win of the year. He gave up just 1 run through 7 innings though, and I’d certainly take that start any day of the week. He allowed 4 singles and a double with one walk but struck out 8 and threw exactly 100 pitches.


I apologize for not posting recently, but I’m trying my best. With a new job that usually has me working until 9:30 or 10 on weeknights, it’s tough to write anything meaningful because I didn’t watch the game plus I usually go to bed around that time so I can get up in time for school. I know there will be a post up on Wednesday for sure, but other than that I can’t really make any guarantees, other than I’ll try. During the summer it’ll be way easier, but that’s more than a month away and I need to put up at least something until then. Please stick with me and don’t think I quit posting or something.