Jason Kubel apparently is looking for a long-term deal. My computer has a fit every time I try to go to the Pioneer Press website so I can’t give you the link, but either way the Twins would be stupid to work out something involving big money with him right now. I say at the minimum let him play until 2009’s All-Star Break and if he is still producing like I know he can, then it might be worth it. You can’t take chances with previously injured players, the organization has to make sure he is solid and can play 150+ games a year.


Kevin Slowey made his first rehab start and gave up just 1 hit in 3 innings. The hit, however, was a homer. He only waked 1 and struck out 5; those are pretty encouraging numbers. I believe he’s scheduled for at least another one and then it’s up to the team to decide what they want to do. They can call Slowey up and send Brian Bass or possibly even Francisco Liriano back to AAA to make room for Slowey. Or maybe they have a trade in the works.


Ok they probably don’t have a trade in the works, but it’s an option at this point.