Boof Bonser allowed just 2 runs in 6 innings last night (that’s a Quality Start for those keeping track at home) but didn’t get the win. In fact, he got a loss, because the team scored 0 runs. In fact, 4 of his 5 starts have been ones where he went at least 6 innings and gave up 3 or less earned runs. The problem he had last night was walking 4 batters but he still only allowed 3 hits. He truthfully didn’t look that sharp to me, but he kept us in the game and there’s nothing more you can ask for.


As I said, the offense was non-existent. Jason Kubel had 2 singles, Joe Mauer had a double, there were 3 other singles scattered around and that’s it. Denard Span started in CF and lead off, giving Carlos Gomez a day (or two?) off to try and get him back on track. What that track is, I don’t really know. Other than a few 3- or 4-hit games, Gomez has been pretty overmatched at the plate. His defense is fine, is baserunning is superb, he just has to put in time – a ton of it – to help the team out.


Today’s game starts at 2:35 and it’s the last game in this west coast series (thankfully.) Francisco Liriano will try for his first win in an attempt to get the Twins back to .500.