I wanted to change things up a bit so in this post I intend to show everyone how our ex-Twins are doing (Johan Santana, Torii Hunter, and Carlos Silva) but also show how the players we got in return are doing (you saw Carlos Gomez yesterday so it’s just Phil Humber, Kevin Mulvey, and Deolis Guerra.)


The great Johan Santana. This picture still probably gives some fans nightmares. He had an un-Johan like April, posting a 3.24 ERA in 5 starts. Although his record stands at 3-2, he’s struck out 39 batters in 40 and 1/3 innings with just 8 walks. He’s also given up 7 homers in 6 starts, which became a habit of his last season.


Hunter has been pretty good, hitting above the “mean”, I’d say. See, I’m in a statistics class for math right now and we’re learning all about how the more you do something, the more what should happen, does. Hopefully that made sense. Basically, if Jason Tyner had 3 homers and 5 doubles in the month of April, he’d be playing above the mean, or what is normal for him. That’s why players who are slumping usually come around and players on a hot streak come down to earth. Torii’s batting 317 (his career high is .289 from 2002) with 4 homers and 16 RBI, but he also has 9 doubles and 16 runs scored. Using those numbers, he’s on pace for a career high in doubles and runs scored and pretty close to career high in homers and RBI. Yes, he could have a career year in 2008 in nearly every offensive category, but is it very likely? I don’t think so.


Silva is another player who is playing above what is expected. In fact, his 2.79 ERA is lower than Santana’s and Carlos has also pitched more innings in the same amount of starts. In fact, all 6 of Silva’s starts thus far have been quality ones (at least 6 innings pitched with no more than 3 earned runs allowed.) Of course his ground ball outs and strikeout numbers are normal (way more than his air outs and not that many, respectively) and he’s walked 9 in 42 innings. He’s definitely worth the money through the first month, but people were willing to hand the Cy Young award to Livan Hernandez after his first 3 starts too.


Let’s take a look at who we got in return for Santana:


Humber, coming off Tommy John surgery, hasn’t been doing that great at AAA Rochester. In 5 starts (7 games total) he’s allowed 15 earned runs in 24 innings pitched for an ERA of 5.63. He’s struck out 14 but walked 11 and opponents are hitting .323 off of him. In none of his starts has he gone more than 5 innings; that clearly wouldn’t work at the ML level. This is pretty much his make-or-break year because he’s 25 and if he doesn’t show at least some improvement, he may have no future with the Twins.


Mulvey is a totally different story, because he’s only 22 (he’ll turn 23 on May 26th) and at the same level as Humber. Not to mention his numbers are pretty impressive so far. He’s gone a total of 28 innings in 5 starts, allowing just 10 earned runs, giving him an ERA of 3.21. He’s struck out 29 and walked 11 with opponents hitting .259 off of him. His best start came on April 17th when he went 7 innings and allowed 6 hits, 1 run, but struck out 9 and picked up the win. If he continues his success he could see a September call-up (or sooner if injuries or poor performance hit the ML staff) or possibly even win a starting job out of Spring Training next year.


Deolis Guerra, the professional baseball player that can barely gamble. He turned 19 the same day Mulvey struck out 9 in 7 innings (April 17th for those of you who skipped my previous paragraph). So maybe barely gamble is a bad phrase since he’s been able to do it for more than a year but that’s beside the point. The point being that he still might have the most upside out of anyone we got in that trade, and that includes the speedy Gomez. He’s made 4 starts this year (5 total appearances) and has had a couple wild games. In one 5-inning stint, he allowed 4 hits and walked 5 but nobody scored on him. And his most recent outing saw 7 runs come in on 9 hits, also in 5 innings. He’s definitely a work in progress but I’m excited to see if he will get promoted this season and how well he can perform at a higher level.


In other news, Adam Everett was activated from the DL with Brian Buscher being sent down in his place.


That about wraps it up for my review, like I said previously the team hosts Detroit now and I will be personally watching the game from an uncomfortable blue chair underneath a white roof on Saturday (in case you didn’t catch it, it means I’ll be at the game.) I plan on buying a Jason Kubel jersey; we’ll see how the endeavor turns out.