Heh, just kidding. But seriously, if it weren’t for him, the Twins very well might’ve been no-hit last night. With 1 out in the 9th inning he hit a double and that was it. It’s funny because we had actually scored a run before the hit happened; the strike zone was smaller than the patches of snow in Minnesota (get it? ‘cuz there shouldn’t be any.) making walks abundant (3 by each starting pitcher.) But with the help of an error, Jason Kubel hit a sac fly to score Joe Mauer for the team’s only run. Mauer also threw out two batters although it appeared they were running for a hit-and-run play in which the batter failed to execute the hit part of that play. Hmm, Mauer had the team’s only run and only hit, plus created two outs with his arm…someone should assemble a team full of Joe Mauers and see what happens.


Nick Blackburn pitched a quality game, allowing 3 earned runs (4 total) in 6 innings. He gave up 6 hits and struck out just 1.


Jesse Crain and Bobby Korecky both pitched after Nick and they gave up 3 runs combined (2 earned) on 5 hits and a walk. Korecky struck out a batter and Crain did not.


Livan Hernandez pitches tonight at 7:11 against Mark Buehrle, someone who threw a no-hitter for the White Sox last year.