When the Twins first traded for Carlos Gomez and defended him by saying he could single-handedly change a ball game with just his speed, I don’t think even they could’ve expected his night last night. Because of a rain delay I didn’t watch much, but when I woke up to see that he had 4 hits in 6 at-bats, even I couldn’t have predicted the damage he did. A lead off homer in the first in which the successive run around the bases took all of 10 seconds, probably. He ran like he had a mission, maybe fearful he would get in trouble for showboating if he took his time jogging around them instead. He hustled to third on a triple in the 5th inning, got a double and advanced to third on an error after that, and hit an infield single to the shortstop in the 9th to finish things off. So basically his triple would’ve been a double and single would’ve been an out had it been anyone but Gomez. Here’s a link to a video, I can’t embed it right onto my blog so you have to check out ESPN to see it.


I woke up to see the final score of 13-1 and knowing Gomez had the lead off home run I figured “ok, I bet Justin Morneau or Michael Cuddyer jacked one out.” Morneau had 2 singles and no RBI while Cuddy had a single and a double and drove in Gomez in the 9th. In fact, nobody else had a home run; Nick Punto had a double and a triple and drove in 5 (wow!), Mike Redmond hit his second double of the year en route to driving in 3 runs, but the rest of the team’s 16 hits were singles.


Brendan Harris was the only hitless Twin, although he had 2 walks and he did score once.


The best part of the game, to me, is that Livan Hernandez was finally let loose. He pitched all 9 innings, giving up 9 hits but just 1 run (a solo homer in the 9th). He walked 1 and struck out 3, improving to 5-1 with a 3.83 ERA. It took him 121 pitches to finish the game, even though he threw just 49 through 5 innings. Even greater is that there are no complaints from him about being overworked. He says he feels really good this year, and frankly I think they should send him out there for 100-115 pitches every game. I was under the impression that he was acquired to give the bullpen a rest due to our young and inconsistent starting staff, so why not let him do his job?


Jason Kubel and Joe Mauer both didn’t play, Mauer because today’s game starts at 1:05 and they want him to play in it fully rested. Kubel was 0-for-2 with the team’s only RBI in the nearly no-hit game and gets benched the next day. I don’t understand why but I’m not going to get too upset because he’s played way more than I expected him to so far this year. And he’s playing below expectations, honestly. I know he’ll pick it up but when he does, hopefully Craig Monroe will be playing in left to give Delmon Young a break or anywhere else so that there’s a spot open for Kubes. By the way, I got my jersey. It was $165 but worth it in my opinion. I might take a picture of it and put it up here. It was funny because the first day I wore it to school, my friend wore his Pat Neshek jersey and Pat is #17 while Kubel is #16, so we went in order when we stood next to each other. Ok maybe it isn’t that funny but just kind of cool especially since I honestly didn’t even know Neshek’s number was 17.


And a fun fact: the Twins and Mets currently have the same record.