Livan Hernandez lasted 6 innings, allowing 6 earned runs (8 total) on 13 hits. 2 doubles, 11 singles, no walks and a couple of errors, both by Delmon Young, end up scoring 8 times. Livan struck out 2 and did not get a decision.

Delmon’s errors were ridiculous. His fielding one was a sign to me that he may need a mental break from the game. The ball was literally two inches above his glove. It wasn’t like he needed to hustle and dive for the ball to try and catch it. He was right there, underneath it, yet it dropped behind him. His throwing error was mistakenly charged, in my opinion. He threw the ball to the infield and it ended up going all the way to the backstop because Mike Lamb didn’t cut it off and Joe Mauer thought Lamb was going to cut it off, but he didn’t, so Mauer was too far away from it and Hernandez didn’t do a very good job of backing up the catcher on the play.


It was a pretty uneventful game, for Twins fans, until the 9th inning. With two outs, and after a single and a base advancement on a wild pitch by Jason Kubel, Mike Lamb got his third hit and second RBI of the night. Most importantly, he didn’t make the third out. Brendan Harris followed with a single of his own and again, didn’t make the last out. Carlos Gomez, 1-for-4 with 2 strikeouts at the time, hit the team’s fourth single of the inning to score Lamb but taking priority is the fact that he didn’t make an out. See the theme? If not, I’ll tell you: none of those batters made the third out in the inning. Meaning Alexi Casilla‘s turn in the order came up. I was wrong when I predicted a start for Craig Monroe. But he still got to play; a pinch-hit for Casilla. The count quickly became 3-0 before Monroe swung at a couple of pitches to make the count full. Then the ball was hung over the plate and Monroe pulled it into the left field corner and to my, and others’, I’m sure, disbelief, it was over the fence for a 3-run home run, tying the game at 8. A 5-run inning, initiated by some Twins small-ball singles and finished by a much-needed home run.


Justin Morneau got his first hit of the game in the top of the 10th, but he made it count; a home run over the right field fence.


Kudos to the bullpen, throwing 4 shutout innings behind Livan. Especially Bobby Korecky (who rarely pitches) and Dennys Reyes. They combined for 7 pitches (all of them strikes), 1 hit allowed, no walks, no strikeouts, but 1 and 2/3 innings pitched. Pretty remarkable. Also funny is that Jesse Crain only came in to get 1 out but he was credited with the win.


Joe Nathan, after blowing his first save of the year two nights ago, picked up his 14th save.