Livan Hernandez allowed 12 hits in just 3 innings last night, sending his WHIP up to 1.69, good for third worst in the entire Major Leagues. Coincidentally, the MLB leader in ERA, Edinson Volquez, currently sports a 1.56 ERA.

The American League is really getting to him. This is Livan’s fourth-worst year, according to the WPA stat. What WPA measures is how many wins above, or in Livan’s case, below, 81 a certain player contributes to the team.

2001 -3.09 5.24 4.36 .88 226.2 1.55
2002 -1.55 4.38 4.11 .27 216 1.41
1998 -1.52 4.72 4.23 .49 234.1 1.57
2008 -1.20 5.84 4.16* 1.68 89.1 1.69


lgERA is the league’s average ERA for that year, with dERA simply being the difference between Livan’s ERA and the league average ERA. The asterisk on 2008’s league ERA is a reminder that the league average is for the season up to June 11th of this year.

A career-high in WHIP this year tremendously helps (hurts) his ERA become higher.

Even more surprising is that according to WPA, Boof Bonser (-1.30) has been worse for the Twins this year than Livan.

On the 12 hits he allowed, the Tribe scored 7 runs against Livan; four of those coming from two separate homers. Brian Bass and the aforementioned Bonser didn’t do that great in relief, combining for 2 and 2/3 innings pitched, six hits allowed, five runs and two walks with four strikeouts.

Craig Breslow and Dennys Reyes, on the other hand, combined for two hitless innings of relief, with Breslow striking out two of the four batters he faced.


Offensively there was just one bright spot – Matt Macri‘s first career ML homer, a solo shot in the 5th inning.

The team’s big chance, with the bases loaded in the first inning, was ruined by a Jason Kubel groundball. Joe Mauer got a single with two outs, Justin Morneau followed with his first of three hits on the night, and Michael Cuddyer drew a walk to bring up Kubes.

Carlos Gomez‘s career-high 12-game hitting streak? Done. He actually saw his batting average drop two points during that timeframe.

Alexi Casilla‘s career-high 13-game hitting streak? Foiled. His batting average increased four points between the start, on May 29th, and last night. Actually his batting average, after going 0-for-3 last night, has dropped down to .319.


Gomez and Kubel each committed throwing errors, but ironically they were each credited with an outfield assist on an odd double play in the 8th. Gomez made a nice running catch but on the transfer of the ball from his glove to his hand, he dropped it. Kubel was right there to pick it up and throw to first to complete the double play and, apparently, the assist.


There was a little mini-war going on between the two teams last night too. Bass unintentionally hit an Indian, but Casilla was plunked soon after. What happened next? Reyes was brought in the game, to face a right-handed batter, whom he promptly hit with a fastball that “got away from him”. Words between Twins manager Ron Gardenhire and Cleveland manager Eric Wedge were spoken, but a warning had been issued and nothing happened after that.


It’s official: Juan Rincon is gone. Well, I guess technically that depends on your definition of “gone”. He was designated for assignment but since he has no options left, he gets 72 hours to decide whether to accept the assignment or become a free agent. Brian Buscher, as speculated, was called up to take the 25th roster spot.


Interleague play kicks off tonight with the Twins being guests at Miller Park across the border in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It should be a fun series with a ton of Twins fans and unfortunately for Kubel fans, he will most likely be limited to pinch-hitting duties. Same goes for any Craig Monroe fans, as I suppose there are a few of you out there too. The game starts at 7:05 with Kevin Slowey taking the mound.