It’s been a year and a half since my last Advertising Day post, and with no game yesterday I thought it might be fitting to try it again. Not to mention that, since that post went live, it’s amassed 2,577 views; leaps and bounds ahead of the post with the second-most views, Johan Santana trade rumors, with 387.


I want to make this as simple as possible, so here’s how this will work: I’ll list some of the top searches that people use to get to the blog, add some of my own comments about them, and do the same with the top web sites that refer people here as well.


Top search: joe mauer, 1,134 views

     Really? For as much as I rip on the guy, I’m surprised he’s the top reason why people come here. Maybe it’s because he used to date Miss USA Chelsea Cooley.

Chelsea Cooley and Joe Mauer


Oh, the irony. The next-best search is chelsea cooley, racking up 176 views. I’m pretty sure those searches go hand-in-hand with all the joe mauer ones.


jennie finch, 143 views. Those are because of my Autographs page, I’m guessing. In fact, they have to be because that page is the only time I’ve ever used “jennie finch” as a phrase in my blog. Also, the term jenny finch (a misspelling of her first name) has garnered 43 views. More searches that are probably because of my autographs? nick punto, 75, pat neshek, 40, bob griese, 40, mike nugent, 16, and will blackmon, 10 (with the last three in that group being football players).


The term johan santana trade rumors, also the name of my second-best post (in terms of views), is in a tie for fourth place with 107 views. It certainly was big news before, during, and after the trade was finalized. The other search with 107 views is minnesota twins blog, which isn’t surprising because that’s exactly what this is. minnesota twins, the team this blog covers, is next with 90 views.


Now to the interesting searches:

twinkies and minnesota twinkies combine for 59 views, which is also ironic because that’s the one name I hate people associating with the Twins. Maybe it’s because twinkies are delicious snacks and the Twins are a professional baseball team; the two really shouldn’t be mixed.


Next on the list of oddities are pictures of joe mauer and joe mauer pictures, each with 18 views. I’m pretty sure the only pictures of him that I’ve ever posted here include Chelsea Cooley in them, so I’m afraid that people who use that search term may be a tad disappointed.


I guess there aren’t too many awkward/weird searches that come here. The most confusing one might be ih, which has led 6 people here. Hmmm.