I wasn’t able to watch the game so I’m going strictly off the boxscore today, sorry folks.


What initially surprises me is that ace Jake Peavy was pretty much out-pitched by Kevin Slowey. Both went 6 innings but Slowey allowed one less hit (not to mention Slowey only allowed 4 singles while 2 of Peavy’s 5 hits allowed were doubles), one less run (0 to Peavy’s 1) and had 1 more strikeout, all while throwing 14 less pitches. Pretty impressive.


Dennys Reyes got the win, throwing 1 pitch to get 1 out to qualify. What a life, huh? You come in with the thought in your mind that you’re only going to face one batter, and it takes you just one pitch to do so, but you still get the win. It kind of makes a 100-pitch no decision look worthless, doesn’t it?


The Twins did the best damage in the 9th inning when the score was 1-1 and there were two outs. Brendan Harris, on one pitch from Trevor Hoffman, jacked his third homer of the year (a solo one), while Brian Buscher hit his first homer of the year exactly one pitch later. Unfortunately I have no idea how to check how many back-to-back (and more?) homers a certain team has in any given season, but I am pretty sure that this has to be the first of the year for the Twins. For a team that is dead last in the Majors in home runs, I just have a gut feeling that getting two in a row is incredibly improbable but at the same time it did happen last night, making me pretty sure it’s the first time this year.


Tonight’s game starts at 9:05 again and I’m going to do my best to watch it all. Glen Perkins, a future lefty staple of the Twins’ rotation, faces off against Greg Maddux, a future Hall-of-Famer and incredibly crafty lefthander himself. Between Maddux’s ability to pitch out of jams and Perkins’ 6 Quality Starts out of 9 total, I expect this game to be low scoring, much like the first one.