Kevin Slowey allowed a two-run homer in the 4th and 5th innings last night, en route to allowing five runs in six innings of work, but other than that he pitched fairly well. I’m surprised all of the runs were earned because in the 4th there was a ball that landed in between a trio of Twins, when it should’ve been caught by somebody, and also a foul ball was in Justin Morneau‘s glove for a brief period before falling out. Anyway, Slowey allowed six hits but he struck out seven and didn’t walk anybody. His only problem right now seems to be Santana-itis in that he gives up way too many long balls.


The 3rd inning started off promising enough, with Carlos Gomez and Denard Span both getting bunt hits and then Nick Punto sacrificed them over with a bunt of his own. Joe Mauer was intentionally-unintentionally (you know what I’m talking about) walked to fill the void at first, but the most that a combination of Justin Morneau and Jason Kubel could do was a sacrifice fly off Morneau’s bat, which would score the team’s only run.


It seemed like every out the Twins hit was a deep fly ball, in the vicinity of the warning track. With Dick Bremer announcing, I had hopes of a home run literally every time because of the way he said “here’s a deep drive to center field, going back is Sizemore aaaaand…CAUGHT!” I’ve mentioned before that I think Dick does a terrible job in those situations, and it’s really more aggravating than anything else.


Today’s the big day, folks. “Franchise” Francisco Liriano will pitch at 1:10, making his first ML start since the end of April. I will try my best to watch every pitch but I have a previous engagement that runs the length of the game.