Francisco Liriano turned in what was easily his best outing of the year, not that it was hard to do when you take into consideration the starts he’s had so far. Franchise lasted seven innings and allowed just two hits, a double and a single. He walked two and struck out five and was only in trouble once, in the fourth. In the first three batters he recorded two outs and allowed the double, but then he walked the next batters to load the bases with two outs. The ball was hit towards Brian Buscher, who had his glove all the way on the ground, but had the ball bounce up above his glove but still under his legs and it skipped into the left field corner, allowing two (unearned) runs to score. Francisco threw a total of 98 pitches (30 coming in his troubling 4th inning), 59 of them for strikes.


Offensively, the seven-run 4th inning definitely put the Mariners out of reach. The inning was capped by Jason Kubel, who had a two-run homer and an RBI single in the inning.


Every batter except Justin Morneau and Carlos Gomez got hits, and even Morneau scored a run and had an RBI.


Denard Span and Nick Punto were nearly identical at the plate. Both had two hits (with one of those being a double) and two runs scored, the only difference being Span’s lone RBI compared to Punto’s two.


Carlos Silva looked like the lazy, overrated pitcher we’re all used to. He was only able to go 3 and 1/3 innings, allowing nine hits and nine runs. He walked one and didn’t have any strike outs, all the while seeing his season ERA balloon up to 6.36. It’s surprising to see that he actually has ten quality starts in 25 total starts this season. His entire month of April, going 3-0 with a 2.79 ERA. His monthly ERAs since then have been: 11.00, 4.99, 7.03, and it’s currently 9.56 for the month of August. In short, Seattle looks incredibly foolish for handing him $48 million for four years of work. Honestly, think of an easier way to make that much money, than to flat out suck at what you do for a living. Because that is what Carlos Silva does.


Also, the White Sox lost last night, leaving the Twins in a tie for first place.


Scott Baker tries for his 8th win in today’s game, which starts at 2:55.