Boof Bonser pitched good enough to keep the Twins in the game, but for the third straight night the Twins could only hit singles. They ended up with 7 hits, with 6 singles and a double. They grounded into 6 double plays, which definitely hurt them. If they could have grounded into 4 and not 6, they would have had a shot to score those two times.

Bonser went 5.2 innings, struck out 5 and gave up a two-run homerun.

Pat Neshek pitched 2.1 scoreless innings, giving up 2 hits but striking out 4 and walking none.

The Blue Jays’ starting pitcher is not that good. He only went 5 innings with a walk and a strikeout. He had equal amount of groundouts and flyouts.

This pinch hit-one-time-in-the-8th crap is stupid. Josh Rabe was 1-for-2 with the team’s only double going into the 8th, and Jason Tyner came in to hit for him and ended up hitting a single (the only thing he can hit). If Rabe has the team’s only double, does it not make sense to let him bat again, if you’re trying to get some runs on the board? And Jason Kubel pinch hit for Lew Ford who was 0-for-2. Kubel grounded into a double play.

The Twins have lost 3 straight games to a team that was 7.5 games behind us in the Wild Card heading into the series. We haven’t even faced their “ace” (Roy Halladay, Cy Young award contender; 14-3, 3.23 ERA this season). I hope somebody steps up today (1:10 start) and allows the team to not lose 4 games against the Blue Jays, after taking 2 of 3 from Detroit. This homestand is huge. They are playing the team directly behind them in the Wild Card standings in the Jays, a Central division team in the Indians, and the Central Division leaders in the Tigers. If they can win today, take 2 of 3 from the Indians, and sweep Detroit, I think they’ll be alright.

Nobody answered the trivia question in time. I’m keeping that same trivia question until somebody guesses it. Once again, the hint is that it was posted in a Star Tribune article about one of the Twins’ games. I will be writing about today’s game.